Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Insert Star Wars Pun Here

Like "Revenge of the Pith(y comment)" or some crap like that. Whatever, come up with your own. I'm not made out of sarcasm.

Well, not entirely.

Anyway, this post is actually only about a small part of Revenge of the Sith, and though it does quote verbatim (or as close to it as I can remember) from one of the characters, it doesn't contain any spoilers unless you don't know that Darth Vader is Luke's father. In which case, you do now. Also, it's not an in-depth analysis of this film, and the role that it and its predecessors, play in our cultural identity - you can get that here, in all its spoilerrificness.

Let me just say that I liked the film overall, but of all the random crapalicious and head-scratchingly bad dialogue that made me go "whuh?" in this or any other of the Star Wars films, this gem definitely made me go "whuh?" the loudest:

Padme: "This baby will change both our lives. The Queen probably not let me be a Senator after it's born. "

Laura and Dan: "Whuh?"

In the crowded theatre, so that the effect was 400 heads facing forward, two facing each other with raised hands going "whuh?". I don't know what the next line was, and neither does Dan, because both of us were so caught off guard by that line that we, well, turned to each other and went "whuh?" And seriously, if anyone out there has any idea what the hell that line's all about, then please please write me or something because I just don't get it. I mean, Naboo elects a Queen, but doesn't think mothers should work? WHUH?? Seriously, what is the point of this line? It doesn't advance the plot, it doesn't provide exposition, it's in every way unnecessary and it's totally creepy in a "Nice women don't want the vote" way.

And while we're on the topic of movies - y'all should seriously run out and buy the Team America: World Police DVD right now, if only to see how foliage on a puppet-sized set can be realistically provided by pot plants. This movie rocks this world and the next. Watch it, then head over to my place for debriefing and cocktails.


Erica said...

Hey Laura,

I noticed that line too - although I thought she couldn't serve in the senate more because of the scandel of having a Jedi knight's "secret babies" which by the sounds of it, Jedi's aren't supposed to have babies or spouses or any of that good stuff either... Crazy Star Wars!

floyd said...

Okay, that makes some sense. Like, it'll be all scandalous when the Senate finds out it's a secret Jedi love child, so the Queen will want her to step down and take her secret Jedi love child elsewhere. I guess I should give Georgie the benefit of the doubt that he had that kind of rational explanation, not a "Motherhood is a full-time job" one.