Thursday, May 12, 2005

Bear in mind that I have a cold right now

The March For Life was on the Hill today, and let me say that I have not seen that many bored Catholic schoolchildren since this. Seriously, they should just start calling these events "Gatherings of Woefully Misguided Fundamentalists and Their Passionnately Indifferent Children".

Anyway, I was waiting up underneath the Peace Tower for a guest and had to endure the musical stylings of the anti-choice movement, which apparently consists of one song with a chorus that goes like so:

Life is the only choice
Life is the only choice
Life is the only choice
Yeah, life is the only choice.

Plus, dude who was singing liked to hit the word "Life" in this wannabe rockstar-shriek, like he's the David Lee Roth of The Culture of Life.

Hey - I should totally start a band called "The Culture of Life" and we will sing songs about sex. And possibly binge-drinking. And poking stupid people in the eye. Who wants in? Megan, if we write a song about all those things plus organic vegetables, maybe we could play here.

Went out last night for a piece of ass,
Found it at the bottom of my seventh glass,
He gave me a smile, gave me his number,
Said "don't you wanna nibble my organic cucumber?"
Some guy says "You two are making Jesus cry!"
Now he's crying too, 'cause I poked him in the eye.

Everybody now!


Payton said...

Bwah ha ha! Floyd, you need to write songs for a living.

Gwen said...

Those are the best lyrics I have ever read. You must be a genuis.

anemone said...

more verses! more verses! ;)